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Kingdom Entrepreneurs are men and women of God (YHWH) who work in ministry or marketplace. 

Deuteronomy 8: 18 *But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee POWER TO GET WEALTH, that He may establish His covenant.

Most Kingdom Entrepreneurs are not successful because they operate their businesses according to the world standards and worldly business practices. If you ask, you are likely to hear that you cannot operate a ministry or business by the Word of God (YHWH). 

Matthew 6: 33, Seek ye first the Kingdom of YHWH and His righteousness and ALL these THINGS shall be added unto you. Everything you need to know and how to operate your ministry or business is in the Kingdom of God (YHWH).

Kingdom Entrepreneurs fail to realize that they have the advantage with the power that He gives to them, "seeing that they are children of the King". The power to obtain wealth and to prosper is the will of God (YHWH) for their lives, ministry and their businesses. 

Traditional entrepreneurs operate their business off of the realization of the natural sense of their own ability. Nevertheless, so does 70% of Christian Entrepreneurs in the marketplace. If asked: Can you give up secular resources and completely trust in God's (YHWH) Kingdom to give you instructions, direction and provision? The answer that you would receive is: No, that is not Godly wisdom.

Imagine operating your ministry or business off of biblical principles from the Kingdom of God (YHWH) and making Godly decisions. Being a Kingdom Entrepreneur is not limited to having integrity and or prayer. It is a combination of following instructions, receiving revelation from the Holy Spirit, applying the Word of God (YHWH), being in relationship and Faith.

Below is a perfect example of how Kingdom Entrepreneurs can operate a ministry or business base off of the Word of God (YHWH).  Sadly most Christians are the first ones who will tell you to be realistic and that it is not wisdom to operate a business base off of the Word of God (YHWH). 

I'm fully persuaded that if God (YHWH) can give you instructions on how to live your life, He can give you instructions on how to operate a successful ministry or business.

In 2 Kings 4:2 you will find the story of Elisha and a woman who use what was in her hands, "oil". 

She was in debt to the point that she owed her creditors her two sons. She went to Elisha a man of God (YHWH) and asked him for help. Being a man of God, he gave her instructions on what to do to get out of debt. In obedience, the woman went and borrower empty vessels to put the oil in, while knowing that she only had a small amount of oil that would not fill any vessel.

Unknown to her obedience in following instructions, the woman filled all of the empty vessels, sold the oil, therefore paying off her debt and having more then enough money leftover. She was not a conventional entrepreneur, operating in the natural. She became a successful entrepreneur by selling oil (using what was in her hands); and following the instructions from the man of God (YHWH). Her obedience and faith made her a successful entrepreneur with enough wealth to live in the overflow. 

"Your Provision is in Your Vision"

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